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Tirco Owner posted Mon at 0:29
The scheduled update by our host has now finished.

Also, i've decided to NOT update to 3.2.4 because of an annoying bug in the new version.
Pixelmon will often flee from battle, making them harder to catch. Most likely that's fixed in their next version.

Downtime Aug 23rd.

Tirco Owner posted Aug 21, 14  -  Information
Our hosting service just notified me that they are migrating their servers. This means we will have some downtime, but we should be back up quickly. This migration will happen August 23rd. (More info will be posted once i know more)

I've received more information about the downtime:
The downtime will be at Saturday, August 23rd at 2-5PM PST.

Also: A new version of pixelmon has been released. We will update to this version on the 23rd, or the 24th, (depending on when i get the time to do so). More info regarding this update will be posted after the scheduled downtime, while our host is transferring.

As for the "Offline" icon on the website... i have no idea whats going on with enjins connection to the server, bit i will look into it later this evening.
-. For now, the server is joinable. However voting rewards most likely won't register until enjin has reconnected.

What's New Post #2

Tirco Owner posted Aug 13, 14  -  ChangefeatureInformationreleaseupdateWhat's New Post
(I'll add to this list whenever i remember)

- Added a new donation perk for the 50$ rank: A npc with your name, placed somewhere in the adventure world. The dialog he has can be customized, as long as it is approved by an administrator. If no dialog is requested, the NPC will have a generic dialog. The NPC may also be involved in a quest line.
- Added Great Ball and Ultra Ball to the vote-reward options.
- Adjusted the prices, to balance it better with the current voting rewards. (You can get one master ball every 6 days if you vote on every site), and the (useless) custom broadcast message was reduced to cost 5 enjin points. (That's 1 vote).

- Pimpslic was promoted to be the new Rain Gym leader.
- The server now has a new Icon. Hope you like how it looks, compared to the old one.
- A few bugfixes with some of my custom plugins. Mod-items should now survive updates better, and if i wanted to i could release my plugins to the public. (Which i probably won't unless it's requested)
- The "Just Voted" messages will now only display if you are online, or wait until you login. Enjin points will still be given immediatly after you vote, so even if the message is late, the points will be on time.
- YOU CAN NOW SIT IN CHAIRS! :D (Right click them when you are within a 2 block radius of them)

Pixelmon Update 3.2.3 (COMPLETED!)

Tirco Owner posted Aug 9, 14

--- UPDATE: ---
The update is now in progress. A full server backup has been initiated, and once that is complete the server will be updated. You may join the server while the backup is being downloaded, but keep in mind that some of the changes that you do may not carry over, if there are any issues when updating. (Hopefully there won't be)

- Download server.
- Update all item-related plugins to use the new item ids. (Will have to see how the IDs relate to the downloded world.) 
- Upload new mods.
- Upload new cauldron version.
- Upload new libraries.
- Fix the new settings, agree to EULA, and pray to god that the server works.
- Update text files on site. (When i'm at this point, the server should be joinable)
- Update Dynmap.
- Update plugins.
- Update other mods. (EVsIVs)

Pixelmon has released version 3.2.3. This version includes a new feature: Mail. (Not useful at all, since we already have custom NPCs or essentials for mailing, but oh well)

The server will update on Monday Aug. 11.
The reason why we won't update any sooner is because on Saturday I'm working & packing, and on Sunday i'll be in a car all day. However on Monday i'll be back to my super-internet and will be able to update quicker than usual. 

If there's any MAJOR errors while i attempt to update we'll postpone the update, but for now you can assume that the update will happen on Monday.

If i find it necessary this post will be updated with a to-do list etc.
The server will have a full back-up, shortly before the update happens. Any progress that is made while the update is "In Progress" may be lost if there are complications with the update that requires me to load a backup.

Update progress: 
- If the title says "Waiting" then the update has not happened yet.
- If the title says "In Progress" then the update is currently happening, and you may not be able to connect to the server, or the server will be going down shortly.
- If the title says "Completed" then the update is completed, and you should check if your mods are the same version as the servers. (see below)
- If the title says "Cancelled" or "Postponed" then the update won't be happening yet, and a new post will appear when the update happens. 

Will users need to update?
Yes. Users will need to install the following:
- Forge for minecraft 1.7.10 (Link) (Version works)
- Pixelmon version 3.2.3 (Link)
- Noppes Custom NPCs for minecraft 1.7.10. (Link)

Known bugs:
- Some server-side mods is not yet updated to 1.7.10 and will be unavailable for a while until they are updated. (IVsEVs is the only one that i know about atm. )

Please post any questions below, or ask me if you find me online in game.

What's New Post #1

Tirco Owner posted Aug 7, 14  -  InformationReleaseUpdateWhat's New Post
(This post will cover all of July + The first week of August)

- Fixed a dupe glitch with the currency plugin. Basically you could sell a coin infinitely without it being removed from your inventory. Looking at the current /baltop, it doesn't look like anyone found out about this glitch.

- GriefPrevention was further modified to prevent players from placing pixelmon items such as the PC in claimed areas. 

- I've changed some settings with plugins so that i now can make PvP Regions. You may see some PvP-Arenas coming in the near future.

- A gym plugin has been added to the server. Sadly we're currently experiencing a bug that when regular members defeat the gym and get their badge, they lose their member rank. I'm working on a fix for this. A player can see all their badges with the /badge command. Any badge that has not been unlocked will be displayed as a glass block.

- (Work in progress) I'm currently working on a plugin that will prevent the AFK-pools from being used for a long period of time. A few players have been AFK-ing in this pool for more than 10 hours / day which is something we don't like. if it's for a shorter period of time it shouldn't cause any trouble, but after 1 hour you are wasting server resources, gaining Top-Player hours without even playing and giving the server an incorrect Players Online count. Because of this there will be added a plugin that will kick you after 1 hour if you haven't chatted or confirmed that you are online. The plan is that it won't annoy you if you are playing as you should be, but it should get rid of the AFK-Poolers.

- Minechaser has been working on some mini-dungeons. Currently there's two of them placed in the world that looks the same. These dungeons offer a small daily reward for the players that complete them. You will probably need full diamond armor to get through them, because the dungeon is filled with hostile NPCs. We will add more dungeons like that in the future, as well as some quest-related, bigger dungeons.

- Greenspring was added. Greenspring is the town of the Forest Badge. Currently there is no leader for that gym so hurry up and apply!

- Oakhive was added. This is a bug-themed town. This town is the town for the Hive Badge that a few players already have conquered. The gym leader of the Hive Gym is currently me, Tirco, but this is only temporarily until someone applies.

- Zapdos and Articuno both have their shrines placed. Moltres will be added later.

- The What's New Post is a new "blogg"-ish type of news, where i will give out information about what we've added/updated outside of the Major server updates. A major server update is when we have to take down the server for a longer period of time to add new mods, and new Cauldron versions. The What's New Post will cover most of the tings OUTSIDE of that.

- Added Player Stats to be shown on your profile. The stats covers deaths, kills etc.

- The Gym Badges you earn ingame will also appear on your website profile if you have linked your character with your enjin account!
(Head over to my profile to see what it looks like: )

- Opened up for Gym Leader Applications. The application area can be found here:

I'm sure there's something I've forgotten but this should cover the basics.
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