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Everything will change!

Tirco Owner posted Thu at 18:54  -  Changepixelmonreset
Recklesscrafting has been "dead" recently... there's only been a few players on, and the staff and builders haven't been inspired to do anything with the server. Until now! 
We (or i) have decided to implement a huge change to the server. We are going to stop being a normal bukkit server, and start being a pixelmon server.

Pixelmon is basically an awesome mod that implements Pokèmon into Minecraft.
This means we will be going back into 1.6.4 and we will use forge. Thanks to awesome developers we will still be able to use some bukkit plugins, but not as many as we had before. However this also means that the server needs to be reset. (All players will still keep their ranks, but some permissions will be changed)

The current plan is like this; There will be two worlds. One for the players to claim land in and mine and explore inn (this world will have the generated terrain from minecraft/pixelmon), and another one were we will build gyms and other awesome stuff. This world will have terrain that we have created.(and Perhaps quests?)

This change will be implemented soon, so if you try to logg in and see that the server is in a different version, or that you are not whitelisted, do not worry. (Whitelist will be temporary, and information about how you can get pixelmon will be posted. See below)
Questions, Ideas, or similar are welcomed in the comment section of this post!

If you want to learn more about Pixelmon i recommend VintageBeefs videos which can be found here:

More information about pixelmon:

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